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Our Story

It was 2013 when we first embarked on our initial entrepreneurial journey (with 208 Moving), we found ourselves facing another mountain to climb in the picturesque landscapes of Utah. This time, however, the ascent was not unfamiliar. Armed with the lessons learned from our first venture, we decided to launch a second company, and so was born, 801 Moving LLC, your trusted Salt Lake City-based Utah Moving Company.

The experience gained over the years of entrepreneurship and military service became invaluable guides as we ventured into the Utah Moving scene. We had learned the ropes, understood what needed to be done, and were ready for the challenge. Our journey through the varied landscapes of life equipped us with a toolkit of skills and a set of values that we carried from the inception of our first company.

Fundamental to our approach is the belief that it all begins with the people—the heartbeat of any organization, especially in the context of a local moving company. Drawing from our years of experience, we prioritize our employees, recognizing that their well-being directly impacts the satisfaction of our customers. This philosophy stems from the understanding that a cared-for team translates into superior customer care.

Incorporating leadership lessons from both our past business ventures and military service, we actively infuse these values into the fabric of 801 Moving LLC. As we ascend this new summit, our commitment to excellence, integrity, and a people-first approach remains unwavering. Join us on this journey as we continue to build a legacy founded on the lessons of the past and the aspirations for the future in the heart of Utah.

Meet the 801 moving team

Established in 2022, we are already the go-to choice for moving services. Our veteran and locally owned business has been in the moving industry since 2008!

MAtt - Owner/Manager

Matt lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and has worked in the moving industry since 2008 and since then joined the United States Air Force serving seven years as an Idaho Air National Guard JTAC.

Matt is an active individual who is always ready to take part in the next adventure, whether it’s snowboarding, whitewater rafting, wakeboarding, playing hockey, soccer, going hiking, camping, or whatever else comes his way.

Main Phone

(801) 335-9921

Drew - Owner

Drew lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and has worked in the moving industry since 2009. He has also worked seasonally for the Forest Service as wildland firefighter in the Frank Church Wilderness and in the United States Army as a Combat Medic.

He loves the adventure of life, including traveling, hiking, river rafting and rock climbing, and is a United States Army Combat Veteran.

Local Phone

(801) 852-0045

Luke- General Manager

Luke enjoys having the freedom to focus on empowering the team, growing the business, and making customers happy at 801 Moving Company. He knows the importance of trusting who moves your possessions.

In his free time, Luke likes to spend time with his partner Amanda and their two dogs. They can often be found skiing, mountain biking, or hiking, depending on the season.

Rob - Sales Manager

Rob has been a Boise resident for most of his life. He enjoys spending his free time outside hiking, boarding, rafting, and golfing. He graduated from Boise State University several years ago with a degree in criminal justice.

He traveled the world as he worked with C-130s in the Idaho Air National Guard for 10 years. He enjoys working for 208 Moving Company.

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Mon - Sat 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Open Hours

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