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5 Benefits of Utilizing a Local Moving Service

5 Benefits of Utilizing a Local Moving Service

Whether starting over in a new home or packing up your office building, moving takes a bit of work. According to On Cue, of those who use moving companies, 44% are individuals and 38% are businesses. Why do all that heavy lifting, packing, and sorting when you can let professionals handle it? Luckily, local moving services can do that and provide many other benefits.

1. Save Time

If you’ve ever moved, you understand that moving takes time. Even if only moving from a small home, all that packing and sorting can take days or weeks to get everything right. A local moving service saves you time when you’re busy with work, school, and other life obligations.

2. Professionals Have Insurance

Once your items are on the road, anything can happen in transit. Items may get lost, stolen, or broken. If that happens when moving things on your own, you’ll have to eat that cost. However, a professional local moving service usually has insurance to cover such losses to help you replace items.

3. Avoid Heavy Lifting

It’s easy to strain your back and cause an injury when attempting to lift heavy items like beds, couches, and tables. Your local moving professionals have training on how to properly lift such things. They have special equipment and techniques to prevent injuries and harm.

4. Packing Assistance

Before you move, you have to pack everything first. Your local movers may be able to provide this service for you. Many contractors can supply the packing supplies like boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts. They also know how to handle fragile items to keep them safe during transit.

5. Transit Help

Once all your items are in order, it’s time to get them moving and unloaded at your new location. Local movers have trucks and trained drivers that can get your items from one spot to another. You don’t have to load up your car or rent a U-Haul with professional movers on hand.

There’s lots of time and energy involved in moving. However, you can reduce moving stress by hiring local professionals who know what they’re doing. Whether moving to a new office or your dream home, we at the 801 Moving Company can help make the process easier. Give our team a call today.

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